Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Welcome to my world

Welcome to my blog! Some of you may know me from Peggy's Collection and Peggy's Yarns.  These are still very much there but this is an extra blog that will show more of the running of the businesses and a little more about myself and my home life.  This will include knitting, dyeing of yarns, spinning, cooking, beauty and children.  So yes a real mixture! Thanks to @norfolkhorns on twitter for helping me decide on a name for the blog.

Firstly a little about myself.  I am Diana and Peggy was my dear grandmother who taught me to knit. I live in bootiful Norfolk where I grew up with my family.  I am very close to my family who mean a lot to me which I am hoping you will also see from this blog.  I have 3 children and I home educate my youngest little boy who is 7 years old.  I am hoping to include some of that in this blog too.

This is me!

I am very proud of Peggy's Collection and have won many awards and had many photo shoots and fashion shows.

One of my many designs being modelled by my niece Heidi Jackson

I also hand dye yarns which I love as it re kindled my love for knitting and not just knitting for a job. As much as that sounds like an ideal job to many knitters it can also be very stressful and demanding.  I love the flexibility I have with my work.

Sparkly yarn I dyed for Peggy's Yarns 

A special design I am making 
I have worked with many charities and that is a very positive way to use my skills too and I am also very happy to help as much as I can.  I am very fortunate to do a job that I love.

Well I hope you have all had a little insight to the life of Diana and I will be updating this blog a lot with day to day things I do that I think will interest you all.