Thursday, 7 November 2013

Feeling a lot like winter

Yes the weather is changing and it feels a lot like winter. Now we have a new gas boiler fitted we are nice and warm when the dark nights draw in. So lots of evenings with my knitting,crochet and spinning on the sofa. I'm afraid since my last blog post I did catch the dreaded sickness bug. But I am all better now which is a good thing as I think everyone is ordering for Christmas now :-)

I have been finishing off lots of designs and had lots of orders to complete too. Since I updated the blog last we also had halloween.  My youngest son had great fun helping me carve a pumpkin and we went trick or treating down our road where we knew people didn't mind us knocking. Then we came home with my eldest son and niece and had a little party.

We have also been making candles. These look just like cupcakes and they seem to be really popular and my son had great fun learning how to make them and decorate them. They make great xmas presents. I am thinking of doing a tutorial on how to make them as they are very easy, just a little messy.

I have also finished two pairs of socks this week. They were toe up, after thought heel socks I have had so many people ask how to do these. So this is another tutorial that I must write up for you all.

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